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When Is It Time for Long-Term Care?

When Is It Time for Long-Term Care?

| October 27, 2021

Is it memory loss due to the aging process or the early onset of dementia? Initially, cognitive changes can be subtle and challenging to diagnose. As a result, it can be difficult to decide if a loved one is able to continue living independently or if it’s time to seek assistance through in-home care or a long-term care facility.


Your answers to the following questions may help you determine the most appropriate course of action to take for your loved one:


Independent Living Test1


  • Are prescriptions not being refilled, resulting in failure to take medication when scheduled?


  • Has taking medication become difficult due to poor memory or confusion? Evidence may include taking pills at the wrong time, mixing pills in a pillbox, or having an oversupply or undersupply of pills.


  • Have conditions previously under control become acute because medication is not being taken correctly?


Food and groceries

  • Based on past food habits, are the cupboards frequently empty or being filled with unusual foods?


  • Is the food in the refrigerator often spoiled or kept long beyond the “use by” date?


Personal finances

  • Are credit cards or checkbooks being misused or not balanced as well as in the past?


  • Is the mail being picked up and opened regularly, or does it remain uncollected and/or unopened?


Social contact

  • Has the amount of social contact changed dramatically, so that there are few public outings or limited social visits with close friends?


  • Has the ability to drive deteriorated? Is there a fear of driving or a recent history of multiple minor accidents that may be leading to isolation?


Living habits

  • Has there been a change in dress or appearance or a decline in personal hygiene that is not related to physical disability? Is dress appropriate for the weather?


  • Have housekeeping habits changed so that a normally neat and orderly home is now cluttered and not cleaned regularly?


  • Are pets that were normally well cared for suddenly not being fed or cared for as they had been in the past?



  • Is there a sudden increase in ordering unnecessary items through the mail or televised advertisements?


Calls to family members or health care providers

  • Has there been a marked increase in panic calls to family or medical providers without apparent need?


  • Have unnecessary calls been made to 911?


As America’s population ages with people living well into their 80s and 90s, the need for long-term care services increases. Consider the coverage for care options that long-term care insurance can offer you and your loved ones.


1Source: Long Term Care Partners, LLC



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